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From the creators of Gato Roboto
And the publisher of Omnibus
A gritty noir-punk action-adventure
set in a world dependent on
a rapidly diminishing natural resource
One of those action games enlivened by a little bit of recurrent magic that never really fades.-Eurogamer
A big part of its success comes from its movement system [...] a well-paced narrative with a thoughtful mix of world-building.-Destructoid
A fast and bloody 2D shooter with unique movement mechanics and a pun for a name? Sign me up.-Sports Illustrated
A tightly responsive platformer with some light RPG and adventure elements, all wrapped up in a sneakily dark post-apocalyptic revenge-themed western.-Screen Rant
A lively game populated by a plentiful number of small but satisfying details.-Hardcore Gamer
Blood and Gore
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